What are reinforced plastic pellets?

Modified plastics refer to plastic products that are processed and modified by filling, blending, strengthening and other methods on the basis of general plastics and engineering plastics to improve the performance of flame retardancy, strength, impact resistance, toughness and other aspects.

Through the modified plastic parts can not only achieve the strength of some steel, but also has a series of advantages such as light weight, rich color, easy to form, so the trend of “plastic instead of steel” has appeared in many industries, and at this stage to find a large-scale replacement of plastic products material is almost impossible.

Plastic often has its own characteristics and defects, modified plastic is to change the nature of the plastic, the basic technology includes:

1, enhancement: the glass fiber is mixed with plastic to increase the mechanical strength of plastic.

2, filling: the mineral and other fillers are blended with plastic, so that the shrinkage rate, hardness, strength and other properties of plastic are changed.

3,Toughening: By adding toughening agent to ordinary plastics to improve the toughness of plastics, toughening modified products: rail gaskets.

4, flame retardant: Adding flame retardants to ordinary plastic resins can make plastics have flame retardant properties, flame retardants can be one or several flame retardants composite system, such as bromine + antimony, phosphorus, nitrogen, silicon, and other inorganic flame retardant systems.

5, cold resistance: increase the strength and toughness of plastics at low temperatures, the inherent low temperature brittleness of plastics at low temperatures, making the application limited in low temperature environment, need to add some low temperature toughening agents to change the brittleness of plastics at low temperatures, such as car bumpers and other plastic parts, generally require cold resistance.

Modified plastics have been applied in more and more downstream fields with superior cost performance, and it can be said that modified plastics have become a consumer trend.

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