Buy now! PP prices are expected to strengthen in the medium and long term

PP main contract for the month, the future market is expected to increase, superposition the commodity market money news support, the futures price rose sharply, forming a positive support for the PP spot market, some middlemen and downstream factories increased enthusiasm for receiving goods on bargain. According to statistics, the production loss in August is expected to be 383,900 tons, down 28.45% from the previous month, down 34.45% from last year, and the double ratio has fallen sharply. In August, due to the expected impact of the peak season in September and October, the willingness to overhaul the device was reduced, and the loss of polypropylene equipment was significantly lower than the level of the same period, so the pressure on the supply side rose sharply in August, resulting in a weak rise in the market price of polypropylene.

In the short term, the driving force of the polypropylene market will continue to fluctuate around the cost end and macro. The short-term weakening of long-term oil prices at the cost end is still expected to be higher, the macro-end interest rate reduction policy continues to be favorable, and the landing of key policies has a follow-up impact on the manufacturing industry. In the medium and long term, the supply and demand side will still be the main factor affecting the price trend: the supply side maintenance loss and the new capacity expansion is expected to form a hedge; Demand-side high estimates are in the repair phase. On the whole, the short-term market pressure remains the risk of high loosening, and the medium and long term prices may rise.

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